Empowering girl child with skills

Empowering girls child with skills for a better tomorrow!

Skill Development & Training

Skill based training & Certification with Corporate Partners

Career Counseling & Motivation

Help children identify skill and passion based career options

Skill Training

Hanker Education though our corporate partners , provide joint orientation programmes for high school students on imparting knowledge of various skill based...

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Social Awareness

We provide collective awareness and improvement help in creating a better life for students & young minds. Social awareness is important subject...

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Join the Cause

  We Invite all Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Corporate houses and Volunteers to join us to guide the underprivileged children to better future and...

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What we do

We create an environment for constructive career discussions, dreams verses reality, skill based programs, educational planning, exchange of new ideas and orient them about how to be future ready. We are trying to revolutionize the education sector by boosting more information on educational planning, practical career options and much needed skills- set, to fit into the desired employment areas. Our session also focuses on believe in self worth beyond scholastic scores; identify interests & passion with individual capabilities and map them with their preference and available resources to choose a career path.

Who we are

Hanker Education & counselling is a not for profit organization managed by a forum of professionals providing underprivileged students an effective interface to their educational and career goals, provide information on being a better citizens and have a resourceful life post the education.  We are committed to help them draw up a future map for career building destination, assist to develop skills for time & stress management, ability to handle failures and rejections, networking and other such vital skills and provide skill based trainings. We focus on identifying and dealing with personal, behavioral, social and scholastic problems that affect student’s confidence followed by achievement. This helps them to come out more decisive, mentally strong and mature to handle situations affecting their educational/career life.