Who we are

Hanker Education & counselling is a forum of professional providing students an effective interface to their educational and career goals, provide information on being a better citizens and have a resourceful life post the education of students.  We are committed to help them draw up a future map for career building destination. We assist students to develop skills for time & stress management, ability to handle failures and rejections, networking and other such vital skills. We focus on identifying and dealing with personal, behavioral, social and scholastic problems that affect student’s confidence followed by achievement. This helps them to come out more decisive, mentally strong and mature to handle situations affecting their educational/career life.

What does Hanker Means ?

The word ‘Hanker‘ originates from early Dutch dialect hankeren, which means – to have a strong or persistent desire to achieve substance, and with us its Education and information for growth and skills.

Our Logo signifies our name Hanker- Representation of a Strong desire of achievement being characterized by the infinity sign. The flame and colour of fire symbolizes passion and energy which demonstrates our temperament as an organization.The bold font used in the logo resembles our commitment, a young and energetic organization with futuristic thought process.